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ActionReaction brings Molybdomancy to Queens

ActionReaction LIC-Artists at The Factory, Through May 24, 2023

Works on view by: Heather Abshire, Tony Andrea, Dea Segatto Andrea, Stacy Bogdonoff, Alberto Bursztyn, Ann Cofta, Jessica Duby, Nazli Efe, Natalie Steigmann-Gall, Richard George, Kenneth Greiner, Will Kaplan, Grace Kerr, Kirsten Leach, Seungjin Lee, Iris Loughran, Rose Malenfant, Troy Medinis, Josh Meillier, Natalia Petkov, Robert Scheirer, Elinore Schnurr, Andrés Senra, Scott Sherman, Katreen Sorokina and Preston Trombly.

Full review of the exhibition By NOAH TAVLIN in link. Thank you White Hot Magazine

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, a group of mostly strangers gathered to experience how to create wax forms, write about them, and share their writing with the group. Untethered, the writings are intimate and they read more like journal entries or poetry that have been stirred by the act of creation, than as clinical analyses of the self.

The Molybdomancy ritual workshop was organized as part of ActionReaction, an exhibition currently on view at The Factory LIC, in the LiC-Artists exhibition space. Curated by Marie Anine Møller, the group show features the work of twenty-six artists, and connects approaches, new perspectives, and experimental appreciation. Møller’s selection demonstrates a wide range of approaches to this theme. The full scope of her theme and subject matter ranges from the personal to the political to the environmental.

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