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Marie Anine Møller (b. 1980) is a Danish visual artist and curator based in New York. She has a BA (Hons.) in Fine Art Photography from the Glasgow School of Art followed by an MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute, New York. Her work integrates sculpture, installation and photography and explores contradictions in materials and social policy issues by questioning fixed states and definitions of value. Møller has previously exhibited at, among others Compass Gallery, Glasgow, CGK Gallery, Photographic Center and Arden Asbæk Gallery in Copenhagen. In America her exhibitions include Upstate Art Weekend and UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami with NYC gallery and event space Beverly's, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York with Field Projects and The Locker Room, NY.
With the true and false of our everyday life, value and fixed juxtapositions as the mantra her representations and new versions of objects reflect on memory, fragility and what has value in modern society. She sheds light on everyday objects - takes them apart and puts them back together in a new way, to change something while preserving and reusing something. Tirelessly glass knives are put into ever changing grids of figurative sculptures, suddenly becoming an abstract painting. By repurposing knives, she disarms and transforms them into tools, dissecting considerations of law and power. Her work is both bizarre and recognizable, beautiful and terrifying and inspired by the Still Life genre, in French, Nature Morte - here, life becomes static rather than vibrant, and nature dead rather than blossoming.




2018-2021          MFA, Sculpture, Pratt Institute, New York

2013-2017          Ba (Hons), Fine Art Photography, Glasgow School of Art

2012                   Copenhagen School for Film and Photography






2024                    Love in a Time of Chaos, Group Exhibition, The Locker Room, Brooklyn, New York


2023                    Transformer, Group Exhibition, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Field Projects, New York

                                       With Tom McFarland and Chris Johst. I also curated this show focusing on repurposed objects from memory, childhood and

                                       folklore to draw parallels between the multifaceted basis of natural, social, and idealistic change.


2022                    FIRESIGN, Group Exhibition, Beverly's NYC, Chinatown, New York

                                       With Kenny Wu and Chris Herity. Exhibitited works by artists whose new manipulations of light, heat and ritual recall our
common attraction to the cinematic glow and warmth of fire - the most fundamental and both life-giving and life-taking tool.


2021                    Preternatural Impacts, Group Exhibition, Arden Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen

                                       With Johanne Lykke of Choki Lindberg. The exhibition explored the relationship between us and the surrounding world by
                                       presenting three  artists, each working with nature on the basis of emotions, intuition and aesthetics.


                            Future Nordic Talents, Honorable mentioning, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen

                            Porcelain Sea, Thesis Solo Exhibition, Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, New York


2020                    Young Danish Photography, Group Exhibition, Photographic Center Copenhagen


2019                    Silver Migration & Porcelain Sea, Dialogue Exhibition w. Nicolai Howalt, CGK Gallery, Copenhagen

                                       The exhibition created a dialogue between absence and presence and explored the medium the artists work with. Howalt's
                                       photographs, made on expired photographic paper, involve neither light nor a camera. Møller's sculptural installations, in which
                                       organic objects break down into the structures in which they are encapsulated, appear as photographs expressed without paper


                            Queer Autonomy, Group Exhibition, Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, New York

                            Half – Life, Group Exhibition, Dekalb Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

2018                    Breaking Down Primaries, Group Exhibition, Steuben Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

                            SPOR, Duo Exhibition w. Simon Ganshorn CGK, Copenhagen Art Week,


                            SHITHOLE ICEAGES, Solo Exhibition, CGK, Copenhagen

                                       The exhibition explored contemporary society, socio-politics, and transience through constructed ice plates, sculpture, installations,
                                       words and art photographs taken in the United States and Haiti.



2017                    New Generation Show, Group Exhibition, Compass Gallery, Glasgow

                            BUFFET, Degree show, Solo Exhibition from Glasgow School of Art, Tontine, Glasgow,

                            3 IN 1, Group Exhibition w. Paula Duvaa and Anne Mie Bak Andersen, New Glasgow Society


2016                    Buffet, Solo Exhibition, Mono Exhibitions, Mono, Glasgow





2023                   SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Midtown with Field Projects, New York



2022                   UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami with Beverly's, New York

                                      I sold works to among others a Director of Pace Gallery and Associate Director of Harpers Gallery in New York


                           Upstate Art Weekend, With Beverly's at Stoneleaf Retreat

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