Marie Anine Møller (b. 1980) is a Danish visual artist, based in New York. She has a BA (Hons.) in Fine Art Photography from the Glasgow School of Art followed by an MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute, New York. Her work integrates sculpture, photography, installation and text, and explores contradictions in materials and social policy issues by questioning fixed states and definitions of value. Møller has previously exhibited at Steuben Gallery (US), Compass Gallery (UK) as well as CGK Gallery, Fotografisk Center and Arden Asbæk Gallery in Copenhagen.

I investigate the function and value of objects in general. I'm interested in their individual value and how we attribute a narrative to them. The symbolic value attributed to objects resonates through my choices of sculptural and photographic subject matter. I work with poles of contradiction and the idea that one pole doesn't exist without the other. It exists only when the opposite defines it. In order to discuss topics of the environment and social politics I explore contradictions in materials by questioning fixed states and definitions of value. My work dissects the complexity both individual, cultural and commercial. Questioning who dictates this value?