Marie Anine Møller


Copenhagen/Glasgow/New York

I live in another country and find solace in creating the picture of nostalgia placed in what is not my home but where I grew up. A child of another family than the one I have now. It doesn't make a difference because it's already there. It's present. But what we had was travel. I used to dream that I was from another family, that I had a story. A story so interesting that without realising I already read it, it was. As with my story. It started when I was young. Hazy but there. Sounding sleepy. Almost as was time over before it begun. But that's another story. Your story begins at the time when things started to grow, as was a garden present. It wasn't but still it feels nice to know that it could have. It was like with rain. It rains a lot here. another rain, lighter. Or maybe it's my movement. It lacks wheels and mixed worlds on walls.

I work with poles of contradiction and the idea that one pole doesn’t exist without the other, as they exist only in their polarity, when the opposite defines them. To really understand what things are, they need to not be that at some level. By presenting visual fragmentations or constructed realities I hope to generate a discussion about truth and how we look or value things. The complexity of value is an important factor in my work as I find that what we value and why can be crucial to a deeper understanding and appreciation of differences. Value is subjective and determined by tone of time. I want to loosen up fixed states by constructing and pairing fragments of contradictions in life or contradictions of understanding in general, and through that create yet another possibility of truth. I believe differences are an important factor of all life and it is crucial for the world to embrace those differences, in order to understand each other, and through that acknowledge that only through differences we find similarities. 




Fine Art Photography 

Pratt Institute, New York


2018 - 2020 

Ba (Hons)

Fine Art Photography,

Glasgow School of Art


2013 - 2017



2019 -  Silver Migration & Porcelain Sea, Dialogue Exhibition W. 

             Nicolai Howalt, Copenhagen Photofestival, CGK Galleri,


2019 -  Queer Autonomy, Group Exhibition, Pfizer Building, 

            Brooklyn, New York

2019 -  Half - Life, Group Exhibition, Dekalb Gallery

            Brooklyn, New York

2018 -  Breaking Down Primaries, Group Exhibition, Steuben Gallery  

            Brooklyn, New York

2018 - Copenhagen Artweek, Duoshow W. Simon Ganshorn 

           CGK Galleri, Copenhagen 

2018 - Shithole Iceages, Soloshow, CGK Galleri, Copenhagen  


2017 - Compass Gallery, New Generation Show

            Group Exhibition, Glasgow 

2017 - The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow 

            Duo Exhibition W. Mia Rewitz


2017 - Savoy Centre, Glasgow

            Solo Exhibition 


2017 - Project Cafe, Glasgow 

            Solo Exhibition 


2017 - New Glasgow Society, Group Exhibition W. Anne Mie Bak                    Andersen og Paula Duvaa,  Glasgow. 

2016 -   House for an Art Lover,                        

              Glasgow School of Art , Group Exhibition

2016 -  Mono Exhibitions, Solo exhibition



2015 -  Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Group Exhibition              




2019 -    Clemens Ascher, AUT, Solo Exhibition

               CGK, Galleri, Copenhagen Photofestival

2019 -    Tim van den Oudenhoven, BE, Solo Exhibition

               CGK, Galleri, Copenhagen Photofestival

2019 -    Chris Calmer, Solo Exhibition

               CGK, Galleri, Copenhagen Photofestival

2019 -    Jonas Jessen Hansen, Solo Exhibition

               CGK, Galleri, Copenhagen Photofestival,

2018 -    Chris Verene, US, Solo Exhibition

               CGK, Galleri, Copenhagen Photofestival,

2018 -   Copenhagen Photofestival, Group Exhibition w. Trine

             Søndergaard, Nicolai Howalt, Flannery O'Kafka and more

              CGK, Galleri, Copenhagen

2017 -   Kulturnatten, Group Exhibition, CGK Galleri

2016 -   G-Aye, Group Exhibition, Glasgow



2016 - RAUMpoetry Vol.1 Issue 3